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Outstanding Nashville Faux Finishing

Faux (/fō/) French for artificial or imitation; fake or false. But at Faux Decor we create Real design change in your home’s decor.

Faux plaster cusrom colored columns

At Faux Décor “We love creating stunning and exquisitely designed rooms in all of our client’s homes. Finishes that reflect a real change in how are our customer’s enjoy their home’s decor.” -Jay Bernard

Nashville Faux Finishing design graphic

And you will love all of our professional production and design services from our stunning and award-winning faux and decorative painting design team. Offering clients expert color consultation services and our highly reviewed interior professional painting. We want every customer to ” fall in love with their homes all over again.” Our design team works with all our clients to achieve elegant and luxurious results with a new modern feel that takes your home from good to great design!

Different Decorative Designs Finishes we Offer:


Add the rich glow of precious metals to your custom paint projects. Metallic finishes can be used to reproduce the look and feel of an actual metal surface or as an accent to add warm, depth and richness to a painted surface.


This is a very common painting technique where which allows for the blending of colors. The different color blends deliver a powerful dynamic to any wall. Call for more details on this type of faux painting technique. It is comparable to the Venetian concept.


An excellent source of painting for kitchen cabinetry, the wood graining technique will come at a fraction of the cost that a Nashville kitchen remodel would. Anything that you want to mimic the look of real wood would be best using this painting technique.


With this type of faux technique, a glaze is applied to a rag and manipulated onto your walls. This can also be done using a number of things around the home such as a newspaper, plastic bag, or other items. Having it done professionally will give it that artistic look.


If you are looking to have a faux finish done to your walls, call Nashville House Painters. We have a marbling style that will make your walls look stylish without paying for a stylish appeal that so many contractors charge. This method is most commonly used on wood columns to look like marble. You’ll appreciate the marble look on your wood columns.


Offering a favored dynamic to any room in the home, Venetian plastering can turn your walls into something extraordinary. It is a great way to cover wall deformities up. It also adds an artistic touch to a room. Making a comfortable choice for your walls means hiring the best painters for them.

Faux Finishes in Nashville

Faux finishes are great for homes and small offices all over the area. Select area faux is quickly becoming a trendy painting technique. It is affordable and offers a style all of its own. Call us today for more details on how to get your Nashville faux painting.

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Custom ceiling designs and Spanish plaster and custom glazed columns first floor view2 before and after
Shimmering metallic plaster ceilingVID copy

We Work to Discover Each Homes Perfect Design Style While Tailoring Each Design to Our Client’s Desires.

Faux Decor and United Artisans glazed woodwork, plaster and color glazed walls ceiling mura

Your own interior walls can become trust works of art, sophisticated and elegant designs that give you the look you have always wanted. This is what bridges the gap between having the current house you have and living in the dream home you have always wanted. Our Nashville decorative painting experts are highly trained, skilled and experienced at mastering this type of painting technique and with 20 plus years of experience backing us up, we know that you are going to simply love the look of the final results we deliver to you.

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Front entrance Stairway Summerset mauve fresco walls

Beautiful Faux Design Enhancements

20170301 1419371552 no picture

For those who appreciate all that glitters, consider metallic paint finishes and glazes. There are a variety of options available to you for faux finished, it all just depends on the final look that you want to create. Your walls can mimic the look of stucco, polished marble or your wood trim look like real wood and beautiful cabinetry or anything in between. The only limitations are your imagination and make sure that you choose the right professionals to make your visions a reality. We look forward to working with you and showing you all of the ways in which your walls can be transformed and your rooms can have that much more depth and appeal.

Add texture with a faux-stone finish, Tuscan plaster brushed suede or choose from among the countless other new modern options we have available. Whether you already have in mind exactly how you want your home to look or need some creative inspiration, you can count on our design team at Faux Decor for helping you through the process and bring it all to life.

Beautiful Design Room Makeovers

European makeover
European plaster walls wood grained coffers with custom hand painted built in wood graining and mural door faces

Refresh The Look of Furniture Pieces.

Nashville Faux Finishing tv stand before and after

The Right Wall Color and Faux Plaster Accent.

Beautiful wall color and feature wall plaster faux design in this Brentwood clients great room
Room Stainless Steel kitchen webb large

The Perfect Design For Every Room.

Faux Finishing Experts

A variety of options available to you for faux finished. It all just depends on the look that you want to create. Your walls can mimic the look of stucco, polished marble or modern design or anything in between. The only limitations are your imagination. We look forward to working with you and showing you all of the ways in which your walls can be transformed and your rooms can have that much more depth and appeal. We can make your visions a reality.

Beautiful Faux Wood Finishes

Nashville Faux Finishing living room
Faux wood built-ins

And More… – Nashville Faux Finishing

If what you want is change, and to take your home from good to great design. Then Faux Decor can help you bring your vision into reality. Take a look at our online galleries or go ahead and set up an appointment so we can show you in person all that we have to offer. Since 2002 Faux Decor has been the trusted local leading industry experts for using handcrafted custom finishes to compliment your unique style and taste. For the finest in Nashville faux finishing work, you are going to love the work that we do for you.

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